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  • What Do Crunchyroll Gift Card and Crunchyroll Premium Gift Card Consist of?

    Live a unique experience with the Crunchyroll gift card and Crunchyroll premium gift card. Memberships or exclusive store items are what you can get with Crunchyroll gifts.

  • How to Get Crunchyroll Free Trial?

    Crunchyroll boasts the widest watching library of licensed anime, so create an account to trial today to see if it's the right streaming platform for you.

  • How to cancel the Crunchyroll membership

    You don't want to use Crunchyroll anymore but you don't know how to unsubscribe? Don't worry. Here you can learn all about how to cancel a Crunchyroll membership and about how to delete your Crunchyroll...

  • Enjoy the best anime of the year in one place

    If you are a fan of Japanese art, this might interest you. Enjoy the best anime of the year in one place. Download all the anime Crunchyroll awards 2021 in an easy and simple way.